HI/LO Wallhugger Bed

HybridThis compact sit-up position stays close to your wall or headboard, thereby increasing the effective room space as well as allowing you to reach the night table. By comparison, a typical recliner chair must have a 2 ft distance from the wall for reclining. In addition, castors are available for easy transport allowing the bed to be rolled into an elevator or another room.




Offered by traditional adjustable beds but having a greater angle of back inclination (more than 70 degrees from horizontal) and higher foot elevation (see Fig 6).

FIG 2. Full Sit-up Position

Hybrid Bed
A key feature of the wall hugger bed is its active sit up position. Essentially, this position allows the leg section to be lowered below horizontal, providing even weight distribution throughout the body. As a result, the spine can naturally arch, providing both comfort and support. Activities such as reading, watching TV, eating, and computer work are preferred in this alert position. Additionally, this position assists injured, disabled, or elderly persons in exiting the bed (i.e. into a chair, walker, or wheelchair).


FIG 3. “Homework” or Stomach Position

Hybrid Beds
Comfortable for activities such as reading, writing, TV, etc. This position is unique in that it allows users to comfortably rest on their stomach without back, shoulder or neck stress (as would be the case on a flat mattress).

FIG 4. Spinal Decompression Position

Hybrid Beds
Provides a stretching device that uses the body weight to open the spinal discs on a convex surface, releasing pinched nerves and discs.


FIG 5. Trendelenburg Position

Hybrid Beds
Raises feet, legs and entire torso above the heart and head for maximum blood flow benefits.

FIG 6. Feet Elevated

Hybrid Beds
Raises the feet to relieve blood pressure to calves and feet.

FIG 7. Lowered Leg Position (click on image to see demonstration)

Hybrid Beds
Allows for easy swinging of legs onto (or off of) the lowered mattress rather than having to lift legs to the mattress height. For some, this eliminates assistance and/or expensive equipment to perform this function.

FIG 8. a to d. Lift Chair Feature (click on image to see demonstration)

Hybrid Beds
Allows user to raise their body from a lying down position to a sitting position and then to a full standing position. Performed by swinging feet onto the floor from the “full sit-up” position and raising the mid-section of the bed. This feature is crucial for anyone requiring assistance from a lift chair.


FIG 9. Stomach Sleep

Hybrid Beds
Many people who are stomach sleepers struggle with back pains as they are unable to rest their backs in a relaxed down curved configuration. The unique adjustability of the bed allows users to determine their preferred elevations and angles to achieve their most comfortable sleep position, including on the stomach.

FIG 10. “S” Shape Back Sleep Position

Hybrid Beds
Most users prefer and gradually adjust to this customized sleep position. The tilted back section reduces snoring and is beneficial for users with breathing congestion or sleep apnea.

The mid section tilt and knees slightly bent is relaxing and prevents hammocking even for weight challenged users. As well, the unique mid-section tilt prevents the user from slipping down to the foot end of the bed, which could cause waking and require repositioning. In the case of assisted living, this would cause discomfort for the user and possible back strain on the care giver.

FIG 11. “S” Shape Side Sleep Position

This customized sleep position will align the spine, reducing weight on the shoulders and lower back.

FIG 12. Flat Sleep

Hybrid Beds
Typical of the majority of beds on the market. However, full adjustability allows you to discover new sleep positions for the most relaxed and comfortable sleep.


FIG 13-15. . HI/LO Feature (click on image to see demonstration)

Hybrid Beds
The HI/LO attachment can be supplied with the bed or as an add-on purchase at a later date. It is attached with 4 screws, uses the same legs as provided on the bed and plugs directly into the standard 4 motor bed controller. The HI/LO feature will raise the bed 11 inches from the lowest position (approximate bed height of 34 to 36 inches, depending on mattress thickness).

The contemporary chaise lounger look of this bed makes it suitable for den, office or living room use. Comes with an optional daytime cover.

Fig 16. High sitting position

Hybrid Beds
This ergonomic position is ideal for those with assisted living needs. The bed can raise the user to a comfortable eye level height for conversation and/or an improved window view.


Fig 17. Recreation

Hybrid Beds
This bed can articulate through to many positions and can be used uniquely, limited only to imagination of the user.





Quiet Motors – 4 linear actuators and 2 massage motors, which are safe 24 volt DC, are  the quietest on the market. All ball bearing construction.

Plug and Play Maintenance – Provides easy disconnect plugs next to each motor to eliminate wire replacement when replacing motors or control. Motors are all removable without the use of any tools. Battery box and controller held in with thumb screws and use a single multi-connector plug

Furniture Styling – Non-institutional look allows market expansion to younger people and condo market as well as non bedroom situations in home care or guest bed. Daytime covers prevent spill damage and completes the furniture image

User Friendly Remote – Makes operating the bed very simple. 4 memory positions, color backlight change, orange for massager, blue for bed functions. Quick shut down feature for massagers. Uses a standard 4 wire telephone cord, in case of damage, which is easily replaced

Hybrid BedsRemovable Deck Boards – The deck and mattress are easily removed with simple wing nuts, no tools required. This allows for easy maintenance, set-up and delivery through confined areas.

Folding Frame – When deck boards are removed the head frame and the foot frame will easily fold over to reduce shipping and handling size.

Back Safety Slider – Prevents motor from pulling the back down if it is jammed. As well the bed is a pinch point free design.