Cooling Gel Pillows

Orthopedic Curved Support Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

Pillow with Cooling GelThe best possible pillow you could ever own. This memory foam pillow has a layer of cooling gel which will promote the quality of your REM sleep as people shut their eyes at lower temperatures (National Sleep Foundation Studies). Aside from the cooling gel, the curved shape of the pillow also promotes a correct sleeping position by taking away any and all stress on the neck muscles which could cause a stiff neck from using non orthopedic pillows. If you’re looking for the crème de la crème of pillows, then this is definitely it.


Memory Foam Contour Mold Pillow with Cooling Gel

Contour Mold Pillow MemoryA contour molded pillow that doesn’t just lay extremely comfortable, but also provide you with cooling features when you are a restless sleeper or when the evenings are a bit warmer than usual. The 3D-structure breathable polyester fabric case also promotes airflow while sleeping and the shape of mold is slightly orthopedic, so you couldn’t go wrong with this pillow.


Contour Mold Pillow Memory Foam Wavy Cooling Gel

Orthopedic CurvedThe standard shape molded memory foam pillow, perfect for those who are enjoying the long rectangular shape. This specific pillow does have a slight twist though; a layer of comfy cooling gel which will keep your fresh throughout your sleep. Combine that fact with the 3D-structure breathable polyester case and you’re ready to get tucked in.



Contour Mold Memory Foam Neck Focus Wavy Cooling Gel Pillow

Neck Focus Wavy Cooling Gel PillowSome of us have more complaints when it comes to the neck and shoulder area than others, so we present to you this contour molded memory foam pillow. The layer of cooling gel is only located around the neck area as to ensure comfort and the 3D-structure breathable polyester case provides in double comfort as it’ll ensure you don’t perspire. This pillow is the best for people with sensitive necks and/or shoulders.