About EHP

Electrical Heating Products is a company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of electrical heating systems for different purposes.

The carbon free heating we developed and tested in Portugal “IONIZHEAT” is ideally suited for the replacement market of future prohibited gas heaters. Combined with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy,  IONIZHEAT is the product for the realisation of environmentally conscious heating.

Electrical heating with IONIZHEAT

There are more than 9 million gas boilers in the Netherlands, of which 1.5 million will have to be replaced by 2030. In short, we have to stop using natural gas. The remaining 7.5 million should be replaced by 2050. With IONIZHEAT  we contribute to a sustainable world. With a proof of concept, a product that almost needs no maintenance, has a small ecological footprint and thus fits into the circular economy.  IONIZHEAT  is scalable and therefore affordable.

From 8 to 10 October 2019 you were able to meet us at the Energie Vakbeurs in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. At this fair we introduced a new development in the field of “gas-loos” heating. If you have visited our stand, we thank you for the enthusiastic reactions to this innovative product.

Invest now in sustainable heating

DThe energy transition requires us for sustainable solutions.

With  IONIZHEAT  we wear “Electrical Heating Products B.V. ” to a sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Proven technique

KIWA and CE – Electric heating has the future.

Not by the known resistance heating, but by IONIZATION. By putting alternating voltage on a conductive liquid, the electrons around the molecules in this liquid will cause friction. The result is a very efficient warming of the liquid, the heat (up to 90 degrees) is transmitted through a heat exchanger.

Advantages of IONIZHEAT

  • Very fast heating time, thereby no heat transfer loss as with a heat spiral;
  • Proven concept, silent, safe, reliable and requires almost no maintenance;
  • 60% savings on energy costs possible in combination with solar panels and buffer vessel;
  • Heating capacity up to 90 degrees (industrial heating up to 300 degrees);
  • Has only a very small ecological foot pressure; Fits perfectly into the circular economy;
  • Replaces gas boiler one-on-one, without adjusting your existing infrastructure;
  • Applicable in high and low temperature systems and can be combined with a heat pump.
  • Tested by the KIWA, WIJC and is CE certified;

IONIZHEAT is scalable and therefore affordable.

Our goal:

Electrical Heating Products B.V. (EHP) aims to produce and sell natural carbon free heating systems. For this purpose, EHP has taken over the company Termionize in Portugal. This company has developed the IONIZHEAT product in the last 10 years and installed more than 300 heating installations in Portugal with an E-CV boiler with proven Ionization Technology (IO).

Our Business Model:

IONIZHEAT produced in “own factory” to provide installers and consumers as an affordable alternative to the 9 million gas boilers in the Netherlands.

For the realization we needed:

In order to introduce the IONIZHEAT  at a competitive market price from 2020, 300,000 euros of working capital is needed.

How do we want to achieve that:

By a participation fund.
This fund consists of 100 participations of 3,000 Euro. These consist of one share of EHP worth 1,000 euros, and a “subordinated bond” of 2,000 euros with an interest rate of 4% per year, with a maturity of 10 years.


The participant authorizes the notary for payment. If 75% of the target target has been achieved, the shares are issued by the notary and the working capital is paid. Should the target not be achieved before 31 March 2020, the notary refunds the full amount.