Spring (coil) bed

MattressesAt EHP we do everything from simple to extreme, so when we are talking about a simple design of mattresses that will still rock your socks off while appearing simple we’d like to present the spring coil bed.

A comfortable traditional way of approaching a mattress that many still enjoy very much, however, we have 5 different options when it comes to our spring coils ranging from very soft to very hard. Pick out what you love to sleep on the most and sweet dreams.


Component bed

ComponentbedOne of the more complex designs here at EHP is our component bed which allows the user to interchange certain layers of the matress itself. Whether you’d like to be sleeping on a water bed, air bed, spring bed or memory foam bed, you can do it all simply by zipping open the layers and putting in the one you want. Giving yourself and your partner a unique sleeping experience has literally never been as easy as this. The 4 interchangeable layers allow for up to 16 different experiences with a single bed, what more would you like?


Student Bed Set

Student BedsA great solution to what most of the students and also a percentage of households experience when they are dealing with limited open space is this Student Bed Set. A combination of a sturdy bedframe with detachable feet which allow for a 7 inch (almost 18 cm) drop in height when you feel the bed is standing too tall. Then there are 2 wardrobes included within this set which would fit perfectly underneath the steel bedframe and allows for optimal use of your space.

Should you decide to use these otherwise, we would like to mention that they are stackable with a nut and bolt to create an average size wardrobe OR use these as your nightstands. Last but not least is the memory foam matrass which is a whole lot better than your average matrass as it actually shapes towards your sleeping habits and positions to allow you to find that sweet spot.


Memory Foam Matrass

Memory Foam MattressesMemory foam is applied to many different products in the world today and so will we at EHP do the same for your personal mattress. Finding your comfy place to sleep at will not be an issue anymore as the mattress will, as the name implies, memorise your sleeping position, and alleviate the pressure points while laying on it. This is both a comfortable as a health benefit and will severely challenge the common “I slept in the wrong position” issue.

** Keep in mind that we are able to produce these shredded memory foam mattresses (OEM) in any size and thickness so feel free to contact us at any time using the inquiry form found below **

3D Breathing Technology Layer

3D MattressesOur latest technology is a 3D breathing layer which we have put around our matrasses. It is a highly convoluted layer which allows the user to stay at the same temperature while sleeping. When some users of the more traditional mattresses experience transpiration during the different seasons, this technology will ensure that air keeps flowing through the layer. Throughout our testing, results have shown that sleeping on this mattress enhances your sleeping experience in many different climates and temperatures.

Compressed Mattresses

Compressed MattressesOur state of the art memory foam mattresses could come in all shapes and sizes.

However, with our compression methods, we are able to conveniently ship to any location without taking up as much space in cargo. The images attached to this product explain this process better than words could ever do.