OEMEHP produces fully adjustable bed frames as an OEM product which allows you to design the custom-made bed around it. This bed frame is a 5-motor modular hi/low bed system which can be used for domestic or home care use.

The wooden bed frame is designed to be sent by mail or to be placed in houses with limited access, these bed frames are a perfect match for our compressed mattresses found in the Product section above.

The metal foldable bed frame is a cheap OEM alternative for the wooden base, it is light-weight, durable and comes at a much more affordable price. Due to its light weight, it can be shipped very conveniently to any location and would alternatively function well as an extra bed in hotels, campsites, personal homes etc.

Due to the fact that we do all of our products from start to finish, we could naturally also help manufacture products that you have designed. Specialized cushions and pillows, massage mats, custom made seats and so much more, the possibilities are endless.

OEM -Hybrid
OEM Component
OEM Component wood